The other morning unbeknownst to me my teammate Ruby said to her roommate: “I feel like the Lord told me someone is going to join the family today.” That same day was long and towards dinner time I was feeling exhausted, so exhausted that I almost cancelled on going out with my other teammate, but I decided to push through. We go out and I meet a new friend named Jack that my other teammate Popeye had been connecting with for a couple weeks. We play some b-ball and win almost every game and then we head to dinner after. Popeye had been planting seeds for the previous few weeks sharing his testimony and talking about God. We have a good conversation and eat some amazing street food. While we are eating the opportunity comes up for me to share the whole story with him. While I’m sharing I feel God helping it go smoothly and the message is clear. I’m excited and almost tearing up as I share about His goodness. When I finish I ask Jack the big question. I even say you can think about it and explain to him what this means, and still he says yes! I was overjoyed and so exited that I had the privilege of being able to lead him into the family.

As I was thinking back on this I thought wow what a team effort. Ruby gets a word from God and prays into it, Popeye meets a friend and sows seeds and waters, and then I had the privilege of harvesting. I also thought what if I hadn’t pushed through and gone out even though I didn’t feel like it? God is so faithful and uses us in the moments we don’t feel like it. Half the time I get really excited when I don’t feel like going out because its in those moments that God tends to use me the most and do the coolest things.