You've applied! what's next?

Talk to family and friends

As you’re moving forward in your decision to go to Asia for a semester, it’s important to continue to talk to your family and friends. They will have questions about your decision. Stepping out to serve God for a semester is a big deal. Let them know what this means for you!

talk to your leaders

Now that you’ve applied you will need a reference from an employer, pastor, and mentor. Direct your pastor and mentor to fill out this form and your employer to fill out this form. It’s important that you talk to the leaders in your life about your decision to go to Asia with us. Talk to your pastor and mentor and listen to the feedback he or she may have for you. Let us know if you or any of them have any questions.

Read stories from the field

As you’re looking ahead to what a semester in Asia might look like, it might help to read stories from those who are living there right now. All of our workers post recent stories that you can read through to get a glimpse of what your time in Asia could look like. Click here to check out stories from our workers.