Why Asia?

Open to the Gospel

Asian university students are uniquely open to the gospel. Communism has tried to suppress faith in God, but the students know there’s something more to life. It’s common to meet young adults who have no idea who Jesus is, but are hungry to learn more. Now is the time for these students to hear the gospel.

Interested in Foreigners

Asian university students love meeting foreigners. They know a lot about our Western culture, but most of them have never had a foreign friend. When they meet you, they’ll want to know everything about you and what you’re like. This will help you to start a friendship and share the gospel with them.

Strategic Global Position

Asia is rising in influence on the world scene. The next generation of world leaders are emerging from top universities all around Asia. As these students decide to follow Jesus, they are able to transform their areas of influence and will spread the gospel to the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world.