Our Story

“What if this isn’t just for us?”

In 2004, two young adults were about to graduate from university and start their careers. But first they wanted to do something adventurous for God. They contacted a missionary in Asia and before they knew it they were on a plane over the Pacific. On the university campuses, they met dozens of students who were eager to be friends and who were also open to hearing the gospel. By the end of that year all of the friends they shared the gospel with got saved.

Their first year was so powerful and eye-opening. They asked themselves, “What if this isn’t just for us?” That question sparked the birth of Campus Target, and in 2006 we sent out our first team to Asia. Since then, hundreds of Campus Target workers from eight countries have shared the gospel thousands of times and hundreds of Asian university students have decided to follow Christ. Today we have thriving churches of local believers who are being trained in ministry and leadership.