Who keeps Campus Target accountable?

We are a division of Target Ministries (TM), a missions agency that has been in Asia for over 25 years. We work with TM’s leadership team and are also affiliated with Elim Fellowship, a global network of churches and missionary workers.

Who keeps me accountable?

When you are in Asia, you will have a team of leaders who will provide a caring support system to help you work through any problems or concerns that you may have. Each leader in your city has experience living in Asia and has other leaders overseeing them. Your leaders will help provide direction and empower you and your partner to be effective in ministry.

Is it safe for foreigners to go to Asia?

Absolutely! The government in Asia welcomes tourists and most people there welcome us as guests in their country.  You will live in modern, world-class cities that are considerably safer than comparable American cities.

Is it ok to do ministry in Asia?

Yes! All of our ministry happens in the context of personal relationships, which is much safer than public forms of ministry. In our 10 years of ministry in Asia we’ve never had a major security incident, and you’ll have experienced leaders who will help you navigate any security-related questions you have.

Will I have someone with me when I’m in Asia?

Definitely! Your personal safety is important to us and that is a large reason why we are team-oriented. You will never have to go somewhere on your own. You will be assigned a partner who you will work with and who will also be your roommate. You will also have a cell phone with you that you can use whenever you need to.

What vaccines do I need to go to Asia?

You should check with your physician, Passport Health or the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). We generally recommend vaccines for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and tetanus.

Will I have insurance?

Yes. We purchase travel and health insurance through a group program for you and everyone on your team. The insurance policy covers you for any medical emergency you may have.

What happens if I have a medical emergency?

Most medical emergencies can be taken care of by visiting a hospital. Your leaders, who speak the local language, have experience with hospitals in Asia. They will be able to answer your questions along the way. Your health insurance policy will cover the unlikely event of a medical evacuation being necessary.

Who will I work with?

When you are in Asia, you will experience life with another world-changing young adult. You will live, pray, minister, and see lives changed together. You and your partner will also be part of a greater team of other young adults in your city.

Where will I live?

You will live in a bustling Asian city, packed with millions of people and  thousands of university students. You’ll do ministry with these students, and we’ll get you an apartment near the campus you’ll be reaching. Your leaders will live nearby, helping you get oriented with your city and navigate the cultural  barriers.

How do I get around in Asia?

You have a few options for methods of transportation. You can use the public transportation system including buses, subways, and taxis. Also many people use a bicycle to get around. Bikes are fairly reasonably priced and they are a great option when it’s a bit too far to walk to get somewhere.

How is the food?

Food in Asia is unlike any Asian food you’ve had before. You will have the chances to try a variety of new, authentic dishes. Some of the foods you will really love and some foods you will want to try just to say you did.

How will I communicate back home?

There are a few ways you can connect with your friends and family back home.

  • Secure email – You will use encrypted email while in Asia to ensure your messages aren’t read before they reach your friends and family members.
  • Skype – This is a great option to make international calls securely and cheaply.
  • Snail mail – Your friends and family will be able to send you letters and packages while you’re in Asia. Plus you can return the favor.
  • Blogging – You’ll regularly update people back home on how things are going in Asia, and share prayer requests with your support team.
How much will it cost me to go to Asia?

It will cost $14,900 to cover all of your travel expenses and living costs in Asia. You will raise the money through support before you leave for Asia.

How do I raise support?

We will train you and give you materials to help you win in support raising. In the last decade, Campus Target workers have collectively raised over 5 million dollars. Regardless of your previous experiences, you will be amazed to see how God provides finances as you build your support team.

What is the process for me receiving my support?

All gifts are given to Target Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. They regularly deposit the money into your bank account that will cover your expenses.

How will I access my money from my bank account?

You will use ATMs to take your money out from your bank account. We will help you set up a bank account that offers the lowest fees for ATM withdrawals.

What is Campus Target’s policy about donations?

Please read our financial policies page.

Am I allowed to start a relationship while I am in Asia?

During your first semester with Campus Target, we ask that you don’t start any new romantic relationships. We’re a small team in a foreign country, and starting a new relationship could prove to be a big distraction while you’re working together. However, if you’re currently in a relationship, that’s great — you can keep dating, and this semester will be a great time for you to get to know each other from a distance.

How does Campus Target feel about smoking or drinking?

We ask that while you are part of our team that you abstain from drinking alcohol or using tobacco products. This is not because we think either of these is inherently sinful. Rather, we want to defer to our local ministry partners in Asia who have strong convictions in this area, and we want to be an example for the university students we work with.

How I am expected to respond to my leaders?

We expect you to follow the direction of your leaders unless they ask you to do something sinful. Your leader is experienced with living in Asia. It’s critical that you obey the directions of your leaders. This  will help keep your team safe and unified.

How am I expected to interact with my leaders and fellow team members?

It is very important that you treat each of your fellow team members and leaders with the utmost respect. Because of this, we ask that you commit to not speaking negatively about a leader or team member behind his or her back. We teach Biblical practices to speak to someone face to face if they have hurt us or we need to confront them about something.

Does Campus Target have rules about what I am allowed to read, watch, and listen to?

We do not regulate what you read, watch, and listen to. However, we ask that you commit to guarding your personal purity. It’s important for all of us to guard against impure thoughts filling our mind.

Are Campus Target’s training events mandatory?

All of our training events are mandatory as they serve a purpose from preparing you to go to and come back from Asia.

  • April Training – Once you’ve received an invitation from us, we want to meet you face-to-face, and we’ll train you on what’ you’ll do in Asia, and how to raise your support.
  • August Training – Before you get on the plane, you’ll experience two vital weeks of training that prepare you for your time in Asia.
  • Debrief – As you return home, we will spend a few days together to walk you through the re-entry process.
After I’m accepted on the team, will I have support during the summer?

You will have an experienced coach  to help you as you raise  support and take care of all the necessary details during the summer.  You will also get to connect with your other team members and encourage each other as you get ready to go.

Do I have to leave in August?

Yes, you and your teammates will all leave for Asia at the same time in August.

Do I travel with my team to Asia?

Yes, you and your teammates will all fly out for Asia at the same time. There’s nothing like hours of time traveling across the world to bring a team even closer together.

What type of visa will I need?

You will go to Asia on  a tourist visa. We will walk with you through the process of getting your visa and answering more specific questions when the time comes.

Can I sightsee in Asia?

You will have many opportunities to explore Asia. You will have chances to travel with your Asian friends during the holidays as well as sightsee on your off days. You may even get to explore distant villages with other missionaries.

Can I go home to see family during the semester?

New workers do not travel home during the semester. This is both a financial cost that’s not included in your budget, and a significant disruption to your ministry in Asia. However, in the case of a family emergency, we will help you make arrangements to go home to be with your family.

Can my family come to visit me during the semester?

Having family or friends visit during your first semester in Asia is not allowed. These visits take a significant amount of time and attention away from the main purpose of being overseas: making friends, sharing the gospel, and establishing churches on the university campuses.