Thank you so much for joining us
as we run/walk Rochester’s Juneteenth Virtual 5k
and stand together in prayer and worship.



Option 1: Starting at the flagpole at Mark Tubbs Park, run 1 lap on the paved park path. Then head through the parking lot to Zeigler Drive. Take Zeigler Drive out to Rochester Street (15a) and head south towards the traffic light. At the four corners (traffic light), turn left (East) onto Main Street (5&20). Cross the road to head North up Elm Street. At the HFL Primary School, turn left onto College Street and head back to Rochester Street (15a). Retrace your steps back to Zeigler Drive, through the parking lot and past the flag pole. Keep running until you reach the bench in the paved triangle path. The bench marks the finish line.

Option 2: Run/walk 6.7 laps in the park.



Listen to our special Juneteenth 5k Playlist as you run/walk.