The encounter weekend was AMAZING.

I started out the first morning with a short teaching on worship. And I picked something that we often laugh a little bit about at church in the states. Dancing.

I read from Psalms and talked to them about David, saying very simply: David danced wearing very little clothes and some people thought it was stupid, but the Bible says he was a man who really knew God’s heart. So during this song, let’s dance! You can jump (I jumped), you can twirl (I twirled), you can do whatever you want!


…If I asked a room full of foreigners to dance, I might get a couple people to jump up and down for a minute during the chorus. So I wasn’t expecting to see the room erupt into a fit of worship frenzy, but it did! Everyone was jumping, waving their arms like banners, spinning and smiling. I jumped too while I was strumming along and singing. It was one of the happiest times praising Jesus that I can remember.

The whole three day weekend was filled with awesome moments like that. God really enabled my team to share and teach on a new level in the language. I’m still in awe that it really happened!

We taught on some key elements like:

What is worship?
How do you pray?
What’s the big story of the Bible?
How do you read the Bible?
What is it like to feel the presence of God?
How does He speak with us?
What does it look like to have a 24/7 relationship with Jesus?
How can we build intimacy with Him?

It was filled with tons of time to practice what we talked about and space to spend time with Him. Plus, everyone who came got a CD full of worship songs and a journal to enhance their time in the Word.

And I should also mention, that we had a ton of FUN together. We stayed up late playing games, singing karaoke, we hiked a mountain (and made it to the top!), set off fireworks, did our own barbecue… we even taught our friends how to play ninja and a game called big booty (snicker).

These last three days was a major win for us as a city and for the Kingdom of God. Thank you for making this kind of thing possible by your generous giving and your prayers! 🙂