Merlin walked across the room and whispered that line to me and Adriel. We had just received a noise complaint a few minutes beforehand and had stopped singing.

We were at the very end of a 24-hour prayer meeting. It was our very first time in our new apartment and we were christening it with passionate worship. There were twenty of us in our completely unfurnished living room and the sound was apparently booming.

Within seconds, we got a loud knock at the door and the small troupe of officers came in, checked out our materials and peppered us with questions.

We answered as innocently and sweetly as possible. “It’s our first day in our new apartment,” I said with a big smile while clinging onto my hubby’s arm. “We’re starting our new lives together and we are having a party with some friends.”

We assured the officers that everyone was registered and although they seemed to calm down a bit, they decided that they wanted to take all twenty of us, except me, in a giant police van, lights on, down to the police station to see if what we said was true.

Thankfully, God gave us favor. They liked me and Adriel a lot and fortunately, they found most everyone in the system and gave up checking up on each individual. An hour and a half later, we all went and got dinner together.

One of the officers even told me that he and his whole family also follow Jesus! He has become one of our friends here. 🙂