In daily life, we have countless opportunities to let God take care
of things we think we can probably do on our own. In isolation,
going to the grocery store is a pretty simple task and my first
instinct usually isn’t – “maybe I should pray about this first.”
Looking at the bigger picture usually makes it easier to see
circumstances in which we really need God’s strength and provision
to make the simple thing possible.

Apartment searching is one of those things for me. It’s possible to
do it on your own, but in Asia, it’s a totally different game.
The language barrier, jet lag, and walking to every apartment
location in 90 degree weather makes the search a bit more

This is how my new partner Skittles and I started our week.
After one crazy day where we looked at 9 apartments that were
either too expensive, too far away from campus, too small, or too
dirty, I saw clearly that we were incapable of making this happen
on our own. I asked friends to pray and began building myself up,
reminding my soul that I know that God has called me here, and if
He’s called me here, then He’s already prepared a place for me; I
just have to find it, and He can lead me there.

Two days later we found it. A young landlord liked us so much that
she hired a locksmith to break into the apartment for which she’d
misplaced the keys so that we could see it.  When we got there,
there were already hired cleaners taking care of all the dirt and
she told us that she’d already hired painters to put a fresh coat
on the walls. Then the real kicker – the landlord said she would
provide all the furnishings we needed – at no extra cost. The day
after we signed the lease we moved in and had all we needed: two
new beds, a refrigerator, a washer, a couch, a couple chairs, two
closets, two desks, air conditioners, and a TV, in an apartment
that is seriously under budget (we’re saving about 400 kuai each
month!) and a skipping stone away from campus.

There is no good reason why this landlord should like us or give us
so much. God, out of His love, just showered me and my partner with
unmerited favor because He really does love us. And He really did
prepare a place for us – last night, our landlord told us that the
day before we came into the city, the person who was going to rent
this place called and told her they couldn’t come.  Five days
later, the apartment was ours. While I was flying over the sea, God
was preparing a place for me!

I am amazed by the love of the Lord. You know, it’s easy to love
someone who gives everything, who bends over backwards for you. And with God, no matter what the circumstance, He HAS bent over
backward for us because He sent His only Son to the cross to die
for us and He can do nothing greater.

It’s my prayer that my ministry here would really reflect that
kind of love – that I would be able to bend over backwards and love
the girls I meet with everything in me so that they might
understand the depth of God’s love for them.  Please pray that I am
able to do this through Him and for Him! This week, we’re starting
to get into the swing of things. I am going to revisit my old
campus and see some friends I made last year. Please also ask God
for a sweet time with them, and that He would continue working on
the hearts of the girls that I knew last year – many of my friend’s
hearts were softened by His love, but few of them made the

It’s such an honor to do life with God and to share it with all of
you! Thank you for praying for me – I know that He hears it! You
are all in my thoughts too. =)

In Him,