I wanted have been on a journey lately of asking what is beautiful to me. Why you might ask?

Here are my thoughts lately: We are made in His image and likeness, and He lacks nothing. So, I think he wants me to learn to live “that way.” I want to live as He sees and thinks, so I can value Me and see others as beautiful even if they don’t see it yet. I also believe that He has desired in giving us life to have His expression of life through us. So, I have been asking myself what does His unique expression of Him through me look like?

If all things are possible with Him then I want to think and live of Him of whom’s Image I am. So, I am starting with asking what am I excited about or what is beautiful to me?

May I share a bit of my journal as of late in this area?

“I am excited to share about You outside of religion Father. I dislike sharing principles about You. I really want to express eye-opening realities that will set people free to see themselves as you see us. I believe if we truly see ourselves as you see us, engaged toward us in relationship, Joy is then our response towards You, being towards us.

Not good doctrines or being counter-cultural for the sake of running from anything, but purity in seeing You, and knowing truth out of that place.

I have really enjoyed learning lately. I have had some of my most powerful revelations when exploring your goodness. I don’t want to turn back and I have no interest in being shackled with empty threats or promises, which don’t bring joy or life. Help me to become awakened and alive to the realities of truth in which you see and desire to relate to all of us. A Gospel for all mankind. Beautiful Truth.”

I really believe we are created by him to be living epistles of His loving kindness. Completely individual through being the very likeness of “Relationship Himself.” The manifest expression of his own unique giving of Himself through every person, without desiring to control His expression through us. Rather, His desire is to free us, that we could be fully ourselves, in full expression back to Him, with our own unique creativity, hence He in that way is being relational, His very nature through us, living freely in relationship with Him.

Yet, We are one in Him, Image and Likeness! Maybe Jesus came illuminate our hearts as to who we have always been in us seeing Him as in a mirror, Sin had blinded us. Apart from Jesus no one has seen the Father or themselves!

So, maybe some thought provoking questions could be asked;
1) Can humans know themselves, apart from knowing Him first?
2) How then can we know Him who’s Image and Likeness we are without first fully recognizing in Christ, the Father’s eternal thought of us expressed? In his coming could it be we recognize our true selves?
3) Could Jesus be humanity’s original thought, now on display for all to see themselves as we have always been in the heart of the Father? The manifest origin of our true selves, that we are created of, and live of right now as we wake up to ourselves, in beholding Him?
4) Were we not formed through the Word, now revealed to us clearly in Christ, without Sin? Could it be that in Christ’s coming he saved us, by awakening us to ourselves in seeing Him? …and through death on cross He removed the association Humanity had with Sin, as us on the cross, liberating us that nothing would remain in our understanding that would cause separation of Him as our very present and eternal truth? He who is the light of all mankind (the true image of whom the Father created, through the Son, when he desired reveal, the image, and likeness of Himself in humanity)…

Just some thoughts, but I wanted to share because I find joy in doing so and I love you guys.