I wanted to share a little differently today. My desire over the next few minutes is to encourage us in strengthening relationships with a few thoughts, beginning with two questions:

1) Where or in what experiences would we say in our own lives has love and connection felt the most genuine?
2) Do you ever want to capture those moments to savor them later, and they never feel quite the same being retold, and you wish others could have been there in person?

I think what I am aiming to shortly share with you may be much like bottling up water from a beautiful, roaring waterfall, and innocently hoping the roar will still be echoing in the bottle, as I reopen it to drink from it days later. Aways frustrated in my attempts. Yet, I still open the lid on my on my own water bottle, only to find myself continually wanting every time. However, it’s with total sincerity that all I seek is the original roar of the waterfall, which can only be experienced at its source.

Putting this in a relational context, I see the gift of a present moment in a relationship as what puts the roar in the waters of connection.  Our past memories are not less real, they happened, but the “now moment” gives an invitation to behold the beauty of the moving waters flowing from the very relationship in our midst.

That being said, my mindset plays a huge role in how I engage or disengage in making connection within relationships. For example, If I think God or others are wanting to be with me and yet simply waiting for me to make a move, then I get to choose from a place of freedom as to what I want to do.

I have also found with God, that as I become more aware of His desire towards us a Father, Friend, Lover and so much more, these experiences open our eyes to the continual invitation of waterfall moments He wants with us.

Although at times, I think it feels easier to drink someone else’s bottled water (someone else’s stories about time with Him, or relationships in general). Possibly, because I don’t believe I can experience Him or others personally in a certain area. But truly, I know that He, and I think if we are honest, we, all prefer water straight from the source of relationship with Him and others.

What if even now we take a moment to listen for the roar, and turn with an open heart towards the falls. Come as you are, and although you may hear Him differently than others do, simply know He is wooing you in a way that is unique to you! When we come to Him we realize who He is. He is always there, and continually roaring for us, rooting for us in life, inviting us, in hopes that we would drink first hand of Him as we meet with Him personally!

The incredible thing is that when we experience Him, it leads to us wanting to be more connected with people. In connection with others we can have more moments all together to behold His beauty with one another and in one another.

Any thoughts on how this relates to your life or encouragements you have experienced around relationship are welcome if you would like to share!