I have been thinking lately a lot about the word “glory” and how it applies to us! Our desire for glory even in the wrong places and what it truly looks like in our life in a healthy sense…

The following is an excerpt from and extended journal entry, which I adapted slightly to share with you and it’s a bit longer than my normal update and less refined, but I still felt to share…

“The Father spoke to me that His Glory is expanding always upon Sonship. Sonship is the foundation from which thoes who have revived Chr-ist find His glory to be knowable, experiential, partakable. For who could know God apart from Him making Himself known? But he has…

Jesus is God’s very Glory revealed. Indeed in part seen as Christ ascended to the Father after His resurrection, and 40 days stay of spending time with those He loved on earth. Even further, I would like to propose that Christ as fullness of the glory of God, had a final destination and purpose for His journey. An ultimate destination of incredible eternal significance for him. A place where this eternal reality of what He has always had with the Father would now be shareable at now being seated at the right hand of the Father.

In other words, for Je-sus maybe his greatest reward towards us is the nature of His love with the Father, eternal love, revealed and shared to our hearts. How was/is this made possible NOW?

The cross and the gift of the Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Love, in our hearts for those who receive Christ…

Imagine this: We are Christ’s great reward. It’s true!!!…But why was are we such a great reward for Jesus?

Because FINALLY He would get to fully share the Love of the Father. Eternal Love He had always known with the Father, with us!

Indeed, Christ has always had love with the Father for all eternity, but love’s greatest desire is towards one another. Thus, the Trinity of eternal love; Christ, The Father, and the Gift of His Precious Spirit, all together, too their glory wanted and have always known, their love would be shared upon receiving Christ!

We have heard of Christ’s great reward, but do you know the reality of being His great reward personally?

Every beloved soul Jesus died for was in the eyesight of His joy (You) set before Him. For us to be ultimately given the chance of being united through His death and resurrection with the Father. This expectation of love to be known and shared caused Him to endure the cross. Such great love he calls US to share in! Amazing! I believe He thought “I see them right before us Father, strengthen me, as he was being led by The Holy Spirit to give His life unto death upon the cross…”

He died that we would being able to share in the Father, knowing Him who Je-sus has always known, the One He loves the most, and the One that led Him to be willing to remain nailed on the cross: Yes! His precious Father! The one who cries out for us in His desire to share His love…that in us, knowing him, His desire would be complete!

Incredible as it is we can embrace this reality by reviving Christ NOW! The same love relationship with the Father, only through the Holy Spirit, can NOW be our love relationship with the Father through being born of The Holy Spirit, and so also becoming sharers in His greatest Joy.

When the Father’s Joy filled desire is made complete your joy will be made complete! His joy filled desire is made complete when you receive Je-sus as your Savior! For that Joy we are His inheritance, too His glory, the same glory He shares with the Father and The Holy Spirit because this love gift was unanimously shared amongst the trinity. This is why the greatest glory of the Trinity is for Sonship to be made available and received in Christ. For it is the greatest expression of God as One made available to us RIGHT NOW!

Can I pose this to you another way?

Maybe in the mystery of His glory found in Love, The Trinity submitted themselves together, before creation even began. They together agreed upon the love sacrifice. They knew this sacrifice would have to be a unanimous decision flowing first out of their desire redeem in us what they have always desired to share; their love for one another. Excstatic with Joy as God’s love is to share with anyone who is willing, The Trinity knew this was THE desire in their heart, before even breathing life into humanity. The Trinity is equally everlasting as they are also full of glory, exuding from thier Oneness seen through unconditional love. That the whole heart of The Tririty would be revealed and expericed. How? Through the single greatest act of love ever displayed;

Their cross in which Chr-ist would be nailed for Our Salvaion. I believe for them it was completely a family affair! Them as family, redeeming us to become family…

For it was them in Chr-ist and their relationship with one another extended to humanity that we would know the same oneness They have had. To be known fully as they have been fully known to each other! Glory to God! That we would be one as They are One.

Right NOW, we have the very relationship Chr-ist has always known extended to us today in His death and resurrection on the Cross! Us being reconciled is the revealing of His Glory! To Him be Glory of this mystery revealed; Chr-ist in You the Hope of Glory!

The cross of Je-sus says you are accepted here NOW! Come as you ARE!

The Trinity shares their very eternal existence, eternal life, all they have or will ever know. They extend to us the endless wick of eternity, upon which sits ONE ETERNAL flame,which you can add nothing to you or take away. This is all consuming Love! This flame is the light of their all consuming single-hearted love for us burning. In their eternal “lov-an-ant” (covenant) exclusion of any sort, if we are willing to turn to Him, simply does not exist. Turn into his open arms displayed upon the cross and watch your life burn with the love of Christ!

Love bested Sin once and for all, for love wins, but love will always provide a choice and Christ made a way for us to have to choose to be part of this eternal love-an-ant. Even as mighty as their desire is for us to become partakers of what Christ has made a living doorway into; His eternal love, we must make a choice.

This is what faith is; choosing God’s love for us, seen through Christ, over our Sin.

God’s love upon the cross is that True and powerful to take away all of your sin!

Repentance is turning to His love that was poured out upon the cross for the forgiveness of our Sins. Apart from seeing His love we have not fully become awakened to the cross, we have just become aware of our need for change or repentance. However, when we see His total love and forgiveness the hold of sin is destroyed and The gravity of His love is known!

So, I pray for you right now that you would his great love for you found in Jesus!

This is truly something so wonderful it blows me away when I even try to fathom, but His love immersion reveals more truth, reality, and life, to me and through me every day! He will do the same for anyone! All we need to do is come to His throne of Grace where Christ is waiting for you…

This is why He’s our gift of Grace. A gift we simply revive by faith and can’t begin to fully comprehend like any relationship, but simply partake of to His Glory and Joy in us!

Do you want to see the glory and the Joy of God fulfilled in your life? He wants this for you more than you do! For as a Father it brings Him great joy, too His Glory, that His love would be known when you receive Him!

So then, The only way for our joy to be complete in him and his joy to be complete and us is for us to receive?

This is not a joy in which the Father previously lacked anything apart from us. No far better, this is desire, not at all based on His need, but His overflow. You can say then that we are created, birthed, fully out of God’s abundance, His desire. No wonder there is so much joy in one salvation! You are His greatest Joy fulfilled and he yours!

Indeed, The Father so loved, so deeply desired, his sons and daughters back that he gave His only Son.

The Father’s love in Christ Jesus is a gift that only you get to choose to receive…how could we ever set him aside?

None the less I desire to ask and emplore you…have you chosen to receive Him? Do you see the way He’s sought you and seeks you? He wants you and nothing else will do for Him!

You want to know a secret the world can’t tell you for it doesn’t know? He wants you and nothing else will do for Him! In the same breath, NOTHING else but Him will do for you either… 🙂

And for thoes who have received Him do you take the time for Him to reveal his love to you? Oh man he is waiting for you today!

You are His greatest pleasure, joy, and glory as a Father! He wants you! He loves you!”