I hope you are encouraged to step out and do something for God this week. I was greatly encouraged at my home church this week — hearing messages that were directed to the entire fellowship but spoke right into my own situation. I’ve had a great time meeting excellent people this last week and your uplifting and support has been awesome.

I don’t have a story specific to any one person but I had a voice call from someone in the X. Over the last year there has been around 30 decisions on the same campus that my roommate, Strider, and I cut our teeth on when we were there. Yes!! I love that. Sometimes it felt like we were the only ones lone wolfing it but this last year has seen a big investment and as a result big returns 😉 Please uplift these new decisions and their progress that they would fit into a small group, be baptized, and do the work that God has set out for them.

Soooo looking forward to return to Asia soon and see first hand all the good things He is doing.

Be encouraged. He is not dead, but alive and moving!