Just a quick update before I head out on Thursday for our annual trout-fishing weekend on the great Popple River (really a small but beautiful stream in NE Wisconsin:) and lots of quality father/son time. . . .


*Jesus’s presence with us at every moment and His love that compels us to live transformed lives (whether here, in Asia, or wherever you are!)

*An enjoyable and fruitful trip to NY. I’m so blessed by all the Lord’s children – our family is the best! Special thanks to those who demonstrated their gift of hospitality toward me for 3 weeks as well as all of the other artists who donated work for the art auction. Those who went home with a new piece – enjoy!!!

*Support-raising progress ~ I’m over 70% fully funded to go back to Asia in August!


*Each day that the Bride will prepare herself for the return of the Bridegroom King. That His love would guide us in victory over all that still opposes Him and us.

*The ~25 Campus Target workers currently in Asia; the handful of us preparing to go back long-term; the dozen full-time stateside staff; and the 18 or so who are gearing up to have their lives and the lives of thousands of Asian college students changed forever when they step off that plane in August!

*Several short-term trips are happening this summer. Love, Protection, Unity, Obedience, and good Fruit.

* In a few hours I am seeing a chiropractor for my back problems (which thankfully have improved greatly); I feel this is the Lord’s lead as I am typically anti-medicine/Dr’s/hospitals etc. May He use the chiropractor to heal my back and use me to heal the Doc’s soul ; ))

May you be filled with the Spirit of the Living God that transcends all power, resources, and wisdom of men today!