“Knock, knock, knock…..”  Wha–what time is it?!  “Knock, knock, knock….”  Alright, coming….! What is that noise?? Is this the guy who complained about our bathroom fan again? WHOA!! Am I getting out of bed or out of a boat?!

This was approximately my thought process at about 3am this morning, when, not having been shut off properly, our water faucet that fills our washing machine blasted water onto our apartment floor for who knows how long before our neighbor downstairs came to the rescue. I say it that way because I believe the Lord sent him at precisely the right time to save us from worse damage — AND he was the genius who thought of “bailing” the water out with our dust pan;) REALLY! The water had covered most of my bedroom floor and was inches from my computer power cord, as well as my roommate’s! We layed down clothes, towels, mopped, squiggied, whatever we could do for the next hour and a half until all the water was back where it should be. Our neighbor, who we hadn’t even met yet, exhibited a typical Asian helping hand and then left as quickly as he’d come. We were able to chit-chat with him a little bit, but the encounter reaffirmed to me how important it is that we learn this language. The L0rd has definitely put it on my heart to pour into these people all that I possibly can, and, as my Korean classmate told me a few days ago, “You need to do this in their language” — he even mentioned Hudson Taylor!

Learning the language is probably the hardest thing I have ever done. Our classes are intense, and all 5 of us feel like we are at the bottom and fighting for every word and character. It’s been a rocky ride here so far including registration for classes and VISA/residence permits, finding apts, getting fined by the police, sickness, business, discouragement, etc. But our L0rd Jesus is with us through it all, and has been speaking to me from Mark, about how we are the mustard seed that starts out the smallest of seeds, yet grows into something great and worthee to be compared to the Kingd0m! He is going to elevate us for His glory.

We are finally starting to settle in to a semblance of a routine here, and would really appreciate your prayers.

HIS love is strong in you!