We have landed in Thailand! After a few days of meetings and a little fun with CT leaders, the rest of our people are coming in tonight. We are staying at a gorgeous place outside of CM northern Thailand, basking our sun-deficient skin, splashing our tongues with flavors like lemon grass, spicy curries, and mangosteen, and again feeling what it is like to not be able to read, write, or speak the native language. Most importantly, being here is a chance to reconnect and fellowship with TM/CT people from all over Asia and seek the Lord’s presence for refreshing, direction, and filling for what is ahead.

I need to share with you an miraculous testimony that happened just as we were about to fly out a few days back:

I learned later last Thursday night that one of our guys had basically been arrested and had been in the police station since late afternoon, and the worst part was, we didn’t know what for. He wasn’t answering his phone, but had sent a quick text telling us he thought it wasn’t a big problem. We soon found out that he had been taking video footage (one of his hobbies) from on top a building in our city, and that it just so happened that from there in one direction he looked down on something to do with some mi1itary building/operation, and when they caught him up there, they became very suspicious. Now obviously, our guy is not a US spy, but they wanted to take his camera and his computer and browse the contents before they were convinced, and this was the big scare to us. He had footage of baptisms with Asian friends, and some sensitive documents as well.

As we all stood together in prayer, we had a strong sense that God was going to use this for good, but we still wanted to be wise about all that was happening. We took all the precautions we could with the team, and laid the rest in our Mighty Father’s hands for the next few days while we waited, and they searched through his files. It was crazy to think during that time that in the hands of “enemies” were things that could bring our work here to a halt. Personally, I was crying out to Him to let me stay and serve Him here, and it was a really powerful time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit, as well as a good dose of perspective. In the end, He came through as we hoped and expected, and the computer was returned and not a single question asked about the ministry-related things!!! As in the past, God truly blinded their eyes and/or confused them and/or made them not care – whatever He did, we need to give Him glory for accomplishing His will among us!

I apologize for not notifying you earlier. Because of the timing of this with our travel, it has been hard to get online. But I asked that the Spirit alert you to this need and trust that He did this.

Blessings to you all. We will praise His name forever!