I  ask that you keep me in your prayers. I know that all of my blogs have been really great or just maybe full of good things, but
I believe I should also tell you of hard times as well. I love you all and ask that you ask God to give me more strength. I just
lately have felt a little overwhelmed with a lot of the ministry God has blessed me in. It’s been a lot on me to pour out all my
brokenness and truth from my life to close  friends. Kind of a draining feeling. God has used the power of my testimony to bring more into the Kingdom! I have to tell you that 2 guys, back to back, one on Friday then one on Saturday, both came into the family!!! Vincent and Bruce. Yes Bruce!!! Finally the Lord came into his heart. I thank you for your prayers!
When Bruce came back from his holiday, I had lunch with him and he poured out to me. At first he kept talking about the great time, he had with his old child-hood friend. But I asked well, what about your family? Bruce said, “I don’t want to talk about that”. A little while later, he told me that his parents were separating and considering divorce. So I prayed for him. Last Saturday I had dinner with him and poured out my heart. I told him how my parents had been divorced as I came into Asia. He apologized because he prejudged me. Bruce thought I was just some rich American coming to visit Asia and make friends. I told him how hard it is everyday that I’m here to tell people of God and His grace. When the very person who introduced me to Christ has turned away from him. I told Bruce that even if he accepts God life will still be hard but God will help you through it. I told Bruce that during the time of my decision to come to Asia if God told me, I would go to Asia and not have any friends or people who liked me except for a man named Bruce that I would meet. I would still choose to come all the way to Asia just to tell Bruce that God loves him. Immediately he wanted to leave the restaurant and walk on campus. I knew he was ready to make the decision. I took him to campus and sat on what I now call the Bruce bench! He asked Jesus into his heart, to forgive him of his sins and he closed the prayer with “I pray that you help Enoch’s family”. Then he looked at me and said I will pray for your parents when I pray for mine.

•    My request that you think of me. I hurt for those I love. I need more comfort and trust in Him.
•    I also ask still for Terry. He is so close!
•    Also for our new friend Vincent. His story is very sad but his girlfriend lives in America but he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t have the money or the plan if he did go to America, he needs guidance.

 His favor is on me and I’m blessed to have you all who read this blog and think of me.
                             IN HIS HANDS