Wow, in my time praying, I heard a word that things will begin to move faster, that the pace will increase.  I didn’t know it would happen so fast.  A lot has happened in the course of the last week.

I found the break dance culture here in C-Town. I was on the internet and was searching for this famous break dance crew here in C-Town.  I came across a site but it was in another language and I couldn’t understand most of it.  So I showed it to some friends and there were phone numbers that were on it. They called and spoke to someone.  My friends told me “He will come in a little while”.  I said who?

About 30 minutes later my friends walked me to the campus where I met a boy, just as good as me.  This guy took me on a bus and to a break dance studio.  I met 10 others break dancers; it was an epic moment for me. They all gathered in a circle and each one went out and danced. Then I danced, after that my new friend Panda, took me his dance studio across the street. I met his crew, rock n soul. So yeah, it was an adventure. I ask that everyone continue to think of me at this time because I am rapidly being introduced to a lot of people that need to know God.
Already I have begun to be a light as I can.  Most people here in Asia, especially males, smoke cigarettes. They always offer to me and now they all know that I do not smoke or drink. I have even told them that I am a Christian; so pray with me for conviction for my new friends.

Apart from that I have tons of cool stories, I went roller skating and break danced. The owner said I can always come for free!  I also ate Pizza Hut the other day!!  Woot woot!  HahHAh It was great.  Please continue to pray for me and ask God for new friends. I have been able to make a lot more friends off campus, so I need to make more friends on campus.