I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I got to have two turkeys and enjoy time with some new friends. I actually celebrated
Thanksgiving twice. I had one with my Asian friends and another with the family here! It was great! We had all our Asian friends
make turkeys out of construction paper. Then they stuck the turkeys on the window and we had a contest for the best one. Towards the end we sat everyone down and went around the room telling one thing we were thankful for.
Everyone was in charge of bringing a dish for the party! When it got to me I marked down that I would bring………. cinnamon rolls! Of course!  It was great to take a day to gobble down some good American food. I can still feel the after effects from the dinner!
I love and miss everyone and I have new word to share. Please pray that we stand on God and let him do the work. That we
will see signs and miracles but that we remember they are done through Him. Also that we have faith to trust He will do all he
speaks of. I got a picture… Just like the five loaves and two fish Jesus used to feed the 5,000. There are five/loaves = of us on
this campus and there are two/fish = specific people new in the family who He will use this year to reach the 10,000 people that
are here and they will be fed spiritually with his Gospel. Praise God!!!  Yeah, He has been speaking very clearly, something big is
going to happen!!