Well, I’ve started to forget English words. They tell me that a phase in language acquisition is one where you can’t express yourself in your heart language or your new one, and I’ve at least had a taste of that this past week. I’ve seemed to go backwards in my language – my speaking is a lot slower than it used to be, and I can’t think of words I’ve used over and over. In English, we call this “hitting a wall,” but here, it’s just “meeting a bottleneck.” I like the latter option because eventually, you get through a bottleneck, even if it’s slow and difficult as you’re going through it. By God’s power, I will definitely get through!

I want to tell you about an opportunity I’ve been given! Because I’m very passionate about multiplication here and my language is already kind of decent, my City Leader has asked me to start discipling a girl I’ve been encouraging at the different meetings we’ve both been at. Her name is Rita, and her heart is to share God with others and teach them how to live for Him. She is what we like to call “Good Soil People,” from the story in Matt. 13:1-23 – her heart is ready and God has planted a seed that will go on to produce a great harvest. This Wednesday, I’m going to start teaching her how to live for J and encouraging her to both share and start her own training groups. Please pray that God would give me favor in language, and that He’d work mightily in Rita’s heart and in her life!

Last month’s retreat/conference with all of our Asia-side people went really well – thanks for praying! The teaching was great, and I also feel more connected now that I’ve seen everyone and gotten to talk to people I haven’t seen in years. Also, my room/apartment is finally functional, praise the Lord! It has helped this country start to feel like home to me.