For those concerned about my safety, I have arrived in Hong Kong! Right now I’m sitting on the floor with all my friends here, and we’re all taking advantage of the airport’s Starbucks and free wifi. It’s warm here, and sunny! From here, my group is going to K-Town in four hours on another plane. I have no idea how long we’ve been traveling. I just know that I got on a bus on Monday at 10 AM in New York (to go to the JFK airport), and now it’s Wednesday morning, 8 AM, and we are all in need of showers. The plane was nice, though! We each got our own screen with an assortment of movies to watch and games to play. There was even an option to watch on our screens what was going on outside the plane (actually, that part was great because I didn’t have a window seat)!

Sunday night was the commissioning service. It was really great! Most of our families were there, the worship session was amazing, and there were speakers to talk to the parents, and also to us. Then everyone gathered around us and prayed for us. It was a really moving sending-out service, a fitting good-bye to the States. God’s going to do amazing things through us this year! I’m so excited!

We’re all in the acclimating process now, so if you could talk to God about that (getting used to being a minority, being in a completely different hemisphere, and figuring out exactly what we’re doing here this year), that would be great! For those who have been praying for my money situation, I just want to let you know that God’s been good! He’s continued to be faithful, even when I have doubts that He will. It’s really great to see what happens when I put everything into His hands!

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll be sending out another blog after I’ve arrived and lived in K-Town for a few days!