I get to daily share with people what God has done in my life. I get to remind myself daily what God and Jesus have done. As I am sharing my personal experiences, many of the Asian students are jumping over the table. They are in such awe of what we have to say. I don’t even feel like my testimony is anything extraordinary but to them, it’s amazing! So yes, I know that I know that I know that God is for real!

3 days with 5 more people joining the family. My roommate and I almost saw another 2 come into the family last night. It was crazy. I felt God was telling us to go to this particular college so we went. Once we got there, my roommate felt like we needed to look for someone with a suitcase.

We found a guy and his girlfriend with a rabbit… close enough. Their names were Jackson and Delores. They just happened to be English majors who spoke perfect English. We ended up taking them to a cafe and shared the Gospel. I thought they were going to accept right then and there, but they said that they need to experience God before they believe in Him.

Please pray for them to experience Him. They were super open to hearing what we had to say and definitely wanted to experience what we have experienced.