Hello everyone!

It has been a hectic two months with Christmas, New Years and Asian New Year, but the holiday season is now officially over! Over the next week, we will be getting back into the swing of things. We just got back recently from a trip into a village that lasted just over ten days! We were with a friend that happened to also be getting married, so we were able to experience that and a lot of the other festivities! Praise the Father for His goodness and protection while we were on that trip.

Update on Code! He has been doing so well and is so on fire! When he showed up at one of the small groups and was asked which friends he might share with that week, he replied, “I do not know… I have already shared with all my friends.” He is so on fire and is not holding back! I was able to hang out with Code and grab some lunch a couple weeks ago. After we finished our delicious noodles he looked at me and said, “I have 30 minutes before I have to go and study, do you want to go and share with somebody?” So we went and found a guy that was alone and were able to talk with him for the remainder of time Code had! I am thanking the Father for invading every part of Code and prompting him to share with everyone he knows and meets.

This next semester my partner and I felt we need to be more intentional with some things. We will be starting a fast from everything but fruits and vegetables for at least 15 days, putting emphasis on time with the Father and lifting students up. I look forward to what I get to look back on when I am getting on a plane to fly back to the States!