I wanted to write to let you hear two quick stories of what has been happening. As you probably know, Campus Target sent out 19 new first year workers three weeks ago. In the past few weeks they have been getting settled in to their new apartments, discovering more about what living in Asia is going to be like and being trained by our long term workers. So within the first few days of them landing in Asia they are out on the campus, meeting new friends and sharing the Good News. Here are two stories from those first few weeks.

“We have made a few friends here already and we have gotten to share the Good News with them. And three of them became Christians! We are getting them plugged into a fellowship group so they can hear more about God and learn to read the Bible and use it to tell others about God.”

“Two of us met A with one of the long term workers. We headed to the stadium surrounding the track to sit and talk. We talked about Jeremy Lin, anime, food and so much more…but then we got to the good stuff. We asked A if she had ever heard about God. She told us how she had read stories from the Book about creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and Moses. We proceeded to tell her about Jesus and how God wants to be her friend. After we had explained the Good News to her, I asked her if she wanted to be God’s friend. Tears welled up in my eyes as she responded, “How could I refuse?” The innocence in her eyes as she was amazed by the realization of how God has pursued her for her 19 years wanting to be her friend was so humbling.”

Those stories are from two of the four cities that we are in this year. Would you be praying that God continues to open the hearts of the students? I know that God hears our prayers and is going to continue to change the lives of the students in Asia.