Last week i was got to go on a trip with a bunch of friends to a city in the southeast. We wanted to check out 6 campuses that might have people going to them in the next year or so. The plan was to pray and find out as much information about these universities as possible. We did all of that and more.

My 2 friends and i were praying that God would send us men and women of peace that would help us on these campuses. Like always, God is so faithful. 5 of the 6 campuses that we went to we found someone to show us around and tell us everything that we needed to know. And the only reason that we didn’t find anyone on the 6th campus was because there was a typhoon that had sent a downpour on the city for the afternoon, that sure was fun. Even better than finding out all that practical information God spoke to us at every stop. We usually spent about 1-1.5 hours praying for each campus in order that we would hear what God had to say about the place. We were constantly getting words from God about what were the spiritual strongholds on these campuses. God was also letting us know how spiritually open these places were. In one case we got to pray with a Christian as she waited for a bus and she told us how there was already a group that was meeting on one of the campuses. We heard so many encouraging things about these campuses and how God is working on every single one of them.

It is so awesome to see how God’s kingdom is always stretching farther into the earth. As i was walking and praying on one of the campuses, I felt like God told me to pray some of the psalms over the campus. As i was praying these they all were declaring the kingdom of God and His praises on the earth. We know that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, and it’s great to see the process of it happening.