One of my favorite things is getting early Christmas presents, I LOVE them! And a couple weeks ago I received the best one ever.

Skimming through my personal email that seems to have more unread junk mail than real mail, I miraculously stumbled across my old language teacher’s name in characters. Curious, I quickly clicked on her name to see what it could be. I haven’t heard from her since just after we came back in Late June and was excited that she may have written to me. As I read through the email my heart began to pump with joy & amazement as I read over this one line, ” I have a good news to tell you. The good news is that I have believed in God.” YAYAY!!!! I shouted, clapped, and jumped on my couch like a little girl thanking God for my early best Christmas gift ever, her now having eternal life with Him and being my new sister. She also wrote, “And I try my best to go to church every Sunday. Besides, I hope that I can be baptized soon. Thank you for letting me know God!”

This was the best early Christmas gift I could of asked this year! I am still amazed at how God works in people’s hearts. I learned language from this lady all last year. I would have her teach me our gospel presentation (the good news) each week, and then we would practice together (very subtle and sneaky of me, I know :)). And it was great practice because she had NEVER heard about Jesus before and had so many questions about what He did for her and why. Each week I could see the Holy Spirit peeling off another layer of disbelief/fear in her life as she began to explore Jesus. I just kept waiting and praying asking God for her to have no more excuses (fear) and to say yes to a relationship with God, to repent and believe in what God had done for her.

When we left in June and I said goodbye to her and got her connected with some other Asian believers. I wanted her to believe in what Jesus did for her SO bad, but deep down, I had disbelief and doubted that she would after I left. Shame on me, right?!?!! It didn’t depend on me, it depended on God and what He was doing and continued to do in her heart! It’s so easy for us to think that it all rides on us after we share the gospel with someone. Granted God has partnered with us and uses us and we should be obedient to where He leads us BUT He is faithful one, He is the convictor, the one who draws them to Himself for His glory!

May the Lord continue to remind me and to remind you of this, that we would step out in boldness this season to share about who He is and what He has done for us with the people around us, knowing that He is the one that is faithful to work in their heart! That ALL may know.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your families! Remember all that He has done for each of us this Christmas.

We love you! Thank you for wonderful friendship and for standing with us through prayer and support. 🙂 My teacher is your inheritance!