I figured out something amazing this past week and a half. I would rather have fantastic food than sunshine.

For Thanksgiving all of my team members in this city went down to visit some friends south of us. So we had our whole team together for a little over a week. We ended up having over 50 people in one house for thanksgiving dinner that included turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the fixings. Besides being a part of the biggest Thanksgiving dinner I have ever been to it was great to catch up with all of my team members that I haven’t seen in 3 months and just get a chance to hear what they have been doing. I was especially thankful because one of my best friends is down in the city we visited. We sadly couldn’t be together for the year but it was great to get to spend some time together. We had the chance to share stories about what had been happening and the things that God had been teaching us. Just to have the chance to encourage each other was worth the trip.

I also got to see the sun on my trip. This may sound a little ridiculous but it is an exciting event when for the past three months you can count the number of times you have seen a blue sky on one hand. Along with the sunshine came the chance to play some basketball but even more importantly… the whole team played football the Saturday after thanksgiving. It felt like I was back home playin’ with the boys.

Even though my trip was good i did miss one thing. The food is amazing in the city where we live. It seems like every place you go to couldn’t get any better. and the restaurants are everywhere. Not so in this other city. Since they don’t use as many spices and flavoring in there food most of it seems very bland. I found myself craving some spicy noodles the whole time I was down there. Thats why I decided that I would rather have amazing food every day of the week than sunshine 6 out of the 7 days.