In just two weeks, 16 world changers will check into this year’s TrainingCamp. After 2 weeks of classes, training and a few last minute details we are going to be seeing them off into 10 months of ministry on the college campuses in Asia! Each of those are going to see dozens of students put their faith in Christ. What is better than that?

This is especially exciting for me (Hoagie) finishing my first year as CT’s recruiting director. My team and I went to dozens of events this year, drove thousands of miles all over the east coast, made thousands of calls, texts and emails to recruit these 16 young adults for a year in Asia. When Hero and I came back from Asia two years ago, we wanted to do one thing; send dozens of young adults back to Asia in our place. Two years back and, as of August 18th, we’ve sent 39 young adults! Thanks for partnering with us in this mission! 🙂

So more exciting news, in case you haven’t heard, Baby #2 is on its way to us in early January! Hero is doing great and Levi is excited to be a big brother. 🙂

A couple of quick prayer requests:

  • Because of our growing family we are going to be looking for a van in the next few months. Would you be praying that provision would come in?
  • Be praying that the upcoming TrainingCamp goes great and that the teams bond well together!