When was the last time that something happened that made you realize that the goal you were working towards was actually starting to happen? It could have been your drivers licence, buying a new house or your kid sleeping in a big boy bed for the first time. I just read a story that represented a big step in what we are working towards with CT. Below you will find an awesome story from CT’s director about a big decision two Asian friends made.

I sat across the booth from Jack and Daniel in a fast food restaurant waiting for their reply. Finally, Daniel broke the silence, “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this. I can’t wait.” Then Jack echoed, “I’m in. I believe this is my next step.” Then we all high fived and exclaimed how excited we were for what God was going to do.

This fall in our city, Jack and Daniel will be joining our team as the first Asian believers from churches we’ve started to step into full-time ministry. They will be doing a special 1-year internship with us where they will serve the church, minister on the campus, and complete a Bible school training. Equally exciting, at the same time in one of our other cities, 2 or 3 other believers will be joining their team in a more full time capacity to reach their campus for Christ.

This is a huge step because they will be much more effective than us in reaching those within their culture. Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to Asia, in a similar key moment expressed it like this, “The work … is steadily growing and spreading—especially in that most important department, native help… the future hope of Asia doubtless lies in them.”

I am so excited for this step by Jack, Daniel, and the others. The future hope of Asia doubtless lies in them.

Prayer Requests:

1. July 27-21 is a special leadership retreat where the key disciples from the churches in our 4 cities will all be gathered together. Also during this time, the Asian leaders of these 4 churches will be making decisions together about how their network of churches should function together. Please pray for safety, wisdom for the leaders, and an impartation of faith for God’s supernatural power to be released.

2. From July 23-August 5, the CT director will be leading a 2-week Bible school for 6 of the key leaders in our churches. Please pray for a powerful and effective time of training.

Thank you for your prayers and support for us. I’m excited that we get to see changed lives together as we walk this journey.