We are safe on this side of the world. We have been here for 6 days but it  feels like we never left.

It has been amazing to continue to get to know our team of new people that are with us this year. They have been diving into the language,the food and what life is like here. Whether it is dirty apartments, friendly insect visitors or eating strange food, they have bone at it with gusto knowing that Dad has called them here for this year.

They also have been hitting the campus and making friends like madmen already. Most of them have 5 or 6 friends that they have hung out with and even talked about Dad with. And the best news is that yesterday, one of our team members led someone into the family!!!! Dad is moving on peoples hearts here!! Leading up to this year, we have felt like our work will be more fruitful than it has been in the past. Would you be talking to Dad that He would continue to bring the right people to us?

We have something else exciting that is happening tomorrow. We are training them with the good news we need to be sharing with people; teaching them how to specifically share it so that once people come into the family, we can easily pass it on to them in order that they can immediately share it with people around them. We want to be giving the new believers the tools to participate in the great commission rightfrom the get go. We want them to not just be hearers but doers!

Hoagie and Hero