I have been sharing a lot about what is happening here stateside to help new workers get to Asia …… which makes sense. That’s what my job is:)

But I don’t want you or I to forget, everything that we are doing is to see students reached with the gospel on the campuses in Asia! That is why you pray, that is where your financial gifts go towards and that’s what we are giving our lives for as we work with Campus Target.

We aren’t okay with seeing students not have the chance to hear the gospel. And we are glad you’re not okay with that either.

With that in mind I wanted to share this story with you from one of our key believers in Asia. Enjoy!

An Unexpected New Sister

This story was told by Liberty, one of our key new believers and disciples. She has two local friends “X” and “Y”. All names are changed for security.

I didn’t think this was going to work. How would Y be able to share the Good News with my friend? She is a fairly new sister – I got to lead her into the family at a Christmas party last year – but I wanted to give her a chance to share her faith.

So here I was, wanting to be obedient to God and to lead our friend X into the family, but I had so many questions. I met with our American friend Olli, knowing she would encourage me and help me move forward. I meet with her regularly to study the Word and learn together, and she told me this would be a great opportunity to disciple Y how to share about God.

Y and I saw X at school just a few days later. I began sharing with her about God’s love and how He changed my life. Y also shared how her life was transformed by becoming a member of the family of God. I could tell X wasn’t listening in the beginning, but then her facial expression started to change. She told us that she began to realize how much she needed God’s forgiveness, and when we finished sharing with her, she wanted to become our sister in God’s family! We cried and hugged, rejoicing in the new life she now had as part of the family. It was so worth it for me and Y to step out together and take a risk to share.

Since then the three of us have started meeting with Olli for small group Bible study, prayer, and learning together, and both X and Y often come to our larger meeting as well. God is continually teaching us new things every day!

Your sister,


Olli is one of our long-term workers serving in Asia. Liberty joined the family about a year and a half ago. Liberty, X, and Y are all part of minority groups in Asia.

I hope that story excites you as much as it does me. God is doing awesome things in Asia! Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to make Jesus famous in Asia!