2 weeks ago, 16 young adults walked into TrainingCamp knowing they were heading to Asia soon. They knew what they were getting into, but like so many things in life — college, marriage being a parent — they didn’t really know. 🙂

It has been an amazing TrainingCamp culminating in sending the team off tomorrow at a eye opening 3am.

People always ask why TrainingCamp is so important. Well, here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. It gave our team the open space in their crazy summers to process their trip and let God speak to them before they went. I had one Bible school student say to me, ” I feel like I have learned more and heard more from God this last week than in the whole last year!”
  2. It gave our team the extra time needed to finish raising support. Two weeks ago, as a team, they were about 78% funded. Writing today, they are at 99%. That’s just over $50,000! Wow.
  3. It gave them time to bond as a team before they went. Building relationships takes time, and TrainingCamp gave them time to get to know each other and start the year on the right foot. That includes devotion times together but also late night runs for fast food.

The last 2 weeks have been great.

Last night was our commissioning service, and our director, Sonny, shared about how we need to persevere in prayer because God says that He will answer! To top off the night, we laid hand on our team and commissioned them out into the mission field.

That’s 18 more workers that with your prayers and support have been launched into the mission field.