Bing feng is an orange soda drink that is locally made in the city where I live. Our new team of campus workers who will work with us for the next 8 months decided to use this orange drink as a code word for when a university student gives their life to Christ. When that happens, we send out a text to each other in all caps that looks like this: BING FENG!

This weekend we made a plan to spend as much time as possible on campus, meeting new students and sharing the simple Gospel story. Friday night I went along with one of the new campus workers to hang out with a university student named Kristine. After ordering some beverages at a milk tea shop, we headed to the 2nd floor to find a cluster of seats where we could talk. When we started to feel out how open she would be to hearing the Gospel story, Kristine told us she believes in God and believes that He can see everything that happens in the world, which is a miracle to begin with! Most Asian students don’t usually believe that He exists.

Through the course of our conversation, we discovered Kristine had never heard the full story about God’s love for us, and after we shared it with her, she asked, “What’s the difference between what I already believe now and believing in Jesus?” We discussed the difference between believing that God exists and believing that Jesus paid our punishment so that we could have a close relationship with Him.

Right there in that milk tea shop Kristine prayed and gave her life to Jesus! It was amazing! We promptly followed through with her about sharing Jesus with others: WHY we tell other about Jesus (the Great Commission), with WHOM we share (our friends and family) and HOW we can share the same simple Gospel story that she just heard.

Upon leaving our time with Kristine the new campus worker I was with promptly sent out a text to our team: BING FENG!
The next day, as we continued our campus blitz, we got another text: BING FENG!
Later that night, around 11 PM, we received another text from someone on our team: A CASE OF BING FENG!!!
A case? Four roommates got saved all at the same meeting! This could be the start of a movement that could change this campus for Christ! Our prayers are being answered! Thanks for being a part of reaching these university students!