Oh, Yeah! One does not need to travel to a foreign country in order to experience strange food! Many cultures have deposited themselves in America, giving us many chances to explore arenas beyond our comfort zones.

One of our team building activities this past week was a scavanger hunt in NYC. Each of our teams (of 4 people each) raced against each other to accomplish the list of activities meant to expose us to Asian culture. One of the activities on the list was to eat food we’d never eaten before. Although I’ve had plenty of opportunities before throughout the last year in Asia, I hadn’t branched out too much. But now I’m a team leader, and I couldn’t let my team down!

So, I ate the duck web (that’s duck’s foot!!!!) and duck tongue, as well as cold jelly fish and cold chicken feet. Actually, I couldn’t really bite the skin off the chicken feet. I tried about 6 times and then gave up becuase I didn’t think it was really worth the effort. I won’t tell you how all these new foods taste…I’ll save that for you to experience for yourselves! 🙂