The month of December is now known as the month of Christmas! Jam-packed full of activities organized around sharing the story of the First Christmas, it has been our busiest month yet! Decorating the apartment, making cookies, Christmas Caroling around our complex, Girls and Guys’ nights…there were so many ways to celebrate Christmas with our friends! Our two major Christmas parties held more than 100 people each! On the Eve of Christmas we hosted a party for some of our close friends; on Christmas we celebrated with the larger group of Americans with whom we came; two more parties were planned for the days after Christmas!

After one of the events, I linked arms with Maria, a new friend who started coming to our meetings sometime in December, and began walking through the campus. With my other hand on the middle of the handle bars I steered my bike. She brought up the topic of wanting to become a Christian but said she wasn't sure she wanted to make that step yet. When I asked her what things she had learned recently about God, she said there were too many to say, so I narrowed it down for her and restated my request.

“Then tell me TWO things you've learned about God recently.” I looked at her and waited.

After thinking for a brief moment, Maria told me she thought (1) God is too great to explain with words and (2) His love is spread all over the place. She said she's amazed that Jesus would come and give up His life to save the world.

Bringing up the verse we talked about at the meeting tonight “Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7), Maria wondered, “How can someone know everything about everyone AND carry all of their problems? It is too heavy!”

“It's because He's God. He's not the same as people. He's sooo big!” I replied.

“I know! I feel so small compared to Him.” Maria scrunched her shoulders and brought her hands together, folding her body inward.

God is moving among the students on this campus! He's making Himself known! Maria's understanding of Him is incredible! Just a short time ago, Maria had no belief that God existed. Now she is amazed at the greatness of His love!

Since I wrote the above portion of this update, Maria has made the decision to come into the family!