The toufu bubbled in the pot of water with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and meatballs. Using a ladel with holes to drain the water from the food items, we scooped tasty pieces into our bowls of oil and spicy pepper to wait for it to cool enough to eat. Oh, yeah, it was good!!!

I was eating dinner with two friends, Sophia and Jing. I met Jing at the English Corner at our school where she heard about the Christmas party we were throwing. Being interested, she came to an extra meeting that explained the meaning of Christmas, so that the people coming from the English Corner wouldn’t be clueless before they came to the party. Jing then came to the actual Christmas party, but I hadn’t seen her since.

I made the dinner appointment to reconnect with Jing because at the last discipleship class that my teammate and I are now leading every week we challenged the girls to pick someone to share the Gospel with this week. At the class we waited a moment to listen to God and then wrote the name we heard from Him on a piece of paper and prayed over all the names, asking God to bring salvation! Jing came to my mind when I asked God who He wanted me to share the Gospel with this week. Sitting around the toufu hot pot dinner table, I popped the intro question.

“Jing, what did you think of the Christmas party?” She thought it was good.

“Had you heard the story about Jesus before then?” I asked her. In amazing English Jing told me and Sophia she heard the story and reason for Jesus’s birth at the time when she and I had met a week before the Christmas party to explain the meaning of Christmas. So, she had heard the story two times.

“What do you think about it for your own life?” I went in a little deeper. Jing wasn’t sure. She turned to Sophia and asked her if she was a Christian. Sophia nodded her head and boldly said, “Yes, I am a Christian.” Sophia shared with Jing about how she herself had heard about God for about one year but took the time to do some research into the faith before she commited to it. Now, with confidence, Sophia testified about the truth of the Gospel in her own life.

Jing hasn’t yet made the choice to enter God’s family, but she’s thinking about it!