Two nights ago I had dinner with two old local friends, Pang and Chen, in one of the most advanced cities of the world. Old friends means I lived with them in New York State in 2001-2002. Being here with them, reminiscing about old times, has made me think of how this all began.

It was April of ’01, and I had just begun living and ministering at an international house. One night I was attending an annual banquet the ministry held at the time, surrounded by Asian students, and I was struck by several realizations. One, Asian people tend to speak poor everyday English, and if they are going to hear the good news clearly, it needs to be in their language. Two, I like to learn languages, especially languages that are spoken by many people.

Therefore, I should learn this language. I decided that night that
I would begin, and seven years later I’m sitting here, typing this
update on the other side of the world, still with unfinished
business. I still have trouble sharing the good news clearly in
this language. Nevertheless, I can trace it all back to that one

Last night I had dinner with Chen again. Before we met up, I asked the Lord to give me a chance to share with him. I didn’t push him, because I knew he wasn’t ready, but I did get a chance to naturally explain the difference between the way Buddhists and Christians get to know God. All glory to Him!