Our trip to Thailand means fun in the sun, time to meet with our heavenly Father, time to spend with good friends, rest and restoration–and time to make a decision about the future, about whether we are coming back to Asia or moving on to something else.

Every year we all sit around in a circle and share what we’re thinking about next year. People are nervous. For some, the sense of commitment to what God is doing in Asia looms large. Some are thrilled. For some, they’re not sure if their friends will judge them for moving on.

This year was different from last year. For our city group, only about half of us are returning next year. As we shared together, we felt joy for those who are stepping into new things they know God is calling them to. We felt sadness as we were impacted with how things will look different. We felt the weight of the decision for those who are still undecided.

For me, I know I will be here next year, unless God directs clearly otherwise. My time isn’t done yet. He’s given us a clear call to reach university students in Asia, and there’s more to be done. Thanks for standing with me!