Recently my heart has been drawn again to pray.

The truth is I’ve never really seen myself as a prayer warrior, and to be honest, I’ve often struggled to see prayer as a privilege rather than a burden. Developing a consistent devotional life has taken years, and I still don’t feel like it’s a 10 out of 10.

But recently I’ve felt the Lord drawing me close, and I’ve felt the desire to pray more and the faith to believe that it’s worth it. As I’ve faced problems that have often cause me to worry, I’ve been challenged to just pray about it.

One day a thought hit me: a life devoted to prayer is one of the most extreme expressions of faith. Why? Because you don’t see the results, at least not clearly. If I tickle my sister and she starts laughing, I can be pretty much assured she’s laughing because I tickled her. But prayer isn’t like that. In praying, you act on faith that God hears and responds. You don’t always see results, and when you do, you can’t be sure how much they’re related to your prayers. So praying over the long haul is a remarkable expression of faith.

And if I’m not mistaken, faith makes the heart of God really, really happy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank YOU for walking with me!