It’s a misty, somewhat chilly day. Seven of us are sitting in a dinky boat (more like an oversized, tipsy canoe) in the middle of a reservoir. My crazy friend from my last trip to Asia (who came here to visit me) was TRYING to row the boat. Finally the woman who was hitching a ride with us took over and showed us young whippersnappers how it’s done. We obliged.

So what were we doing? We were on our way to dunk three people! Frank had just joined the family the night before at our local fellowship (God had been working on him for the last year or so); Bob had joined the family last year; the third one had been raised in a believing family. We decided on a little island in the middle. After landing Vash spoke from the Bible and then headed into the water. One by one they went down and came up again, symbolizing their transformation into new men.

Frank apparently thought only his head and lower legs were going to get wet, so he wore his pants. The dunk was a bit awkward because they hadn’t gone in deep enough, but he told me later that he felt light shining when he came out of the water. So apparently God was doing something special in the midst of our clumsiness. It’s kind of like Him, isn’t it?

News and requests:

** I got a free bike that had been left here last year to replace my stolen one. It’s a junker, but it probably won’t get stolen!

** I’ve had a bit of a blah week. I feel like I’m not planning well and not in control of what’s happening. Please ask God to help me with that and to speak to my heart.

** Tomorrow I’m leaving for a four-day trip to a beautiful spot in this province. I’m going with my crazy friend (mentioned above) and his friend, who came along. Ask that God will find a way to share the good news with them in a way they can understand.