I got a call from Summer, and she didn’t sound good. Her purse had
been stolen! So Sonata and i got in a taxi and headed to the police
station, where non-local-language-speaking Summer waited for us.

Then we got interrogated by the police–actually, just interviewed–
about what happened. It was fun. I got to translate for Summer and
the cop, something i rarely do for extended conversations. It’s a
very difficult thing to do. The funniest times were when i looked
right at Summer and spoke the wrong language!

She had been sitting at McDonalds reading when her purse was
snatched from right beside her. Later in the day, we went with the
police to the McDonalds and saw the whole thing play out on the
security tape. It was fascinating, and infuriating, too. Four guys
worked together, some to look for security, some to distract her,
and one to snatch. They were definitely good at what they do, a
quality put in them by the Father of Lights, used to do evil. Kinda

The good news is that the Father of Lights uses all things for the
good of those who love Him. And so far, going through the process
of getting Summer a new passport and visa has gone really well.
Praise Him!

Other news:

Our team had a Thanksgiving party with 50 people in our apartment.
It was crazy! Probably totally against the law, too…

Our city team took a Thanksgiving holiday to a nearby area with hot
springs. It was really fun and relaxing.

I ran 10 miles the other day. First time! (I ran with shoes on; i
hope to work up to 10 miles barefoot.)

Our Bible Study has been happening now for about a month and a
half. I’m hoping for more consistent attendance by those who are


For us to have many opportunities to share Jesus during this

For me to walk in His energy and grace.

For Sean to connect with Father in a new and deeper way.

Thanks for being with me and for inviting the Kingdom here in Asia.
Let me know how you’re doing!