Over the last six years, I have been blessed with an incredible financial support team who have given faithfully, making it possible for me to go to Asia and serve God there full-time. There are multiple people who have literally given to me every month for the last six years, asking nothing in return. I am so thankful, and I honor their generosity and faithfulness. And there are many, many others who have sent one-time or periodic gifts; each one makes a difference.

They give because they want to be a part of what God is doing in Asia among college students. And they are.

Next week I’ll tell you about how I need to increase my income to transition from being a single guy with little savings to a married man who is planning for a future. But for now, I want to honor those who have sent me for six years. Thank you, sending team!

Would you pray that God pour back into them? And while I’m at it, thank you for supporting me in prayer! I’m so humbled by your prayers.