Right before I came here, I felt led to commit to speak God’s word. To hold nothing back, make no apologies. Just be faithful and speak.

Well, I’ve had more opportunities to do that here than ever before in my life. But sometimes I need some help. That’s why I have my partner in crime, Vash.

Every Saturday Vash and I meet over lunch with some young family members to teach them about life in God. Last week we were sitting around the table, and I asked one guy how his girl is doing. He told us a story about how his girl had done something manipulative (well, um, that’s MY interpretation…), and the conversation led naturally into guy/girl relationships.

Then Vash went where I don’t know I could have. He told them believers may not have sex before marriage. No apologies, hold nothing back. Just be faithful and speak.

As we continued to talk, our original plans for the meeting were put by the side, and God showed up. The words came easy, but the heaviness of the truths we were sharing dug deep. When God is number one, that means nothing else is.

I left the meeting grateful. You can’t make that happen. You can only try. It doesn’t happen every meeting. All I know is that my God above wants to help his kids to grow. His power does not leave them, and it doesn’t leave us either.