One of the privileges of my job is working closely with people. In many cases that means they trust me with their tears. I’ve sat down with more people than I can remember who have told me about what their hearts are saying, about what they feel. It takes such trust, vulnerability, and humility to let people in to what you really feel.

I’ve been thinking a lot about emotions these days. A couple of weeks ago I started working on an Emotional Health Package, a series of teachings that I am compiling so that I can teach it to groups of people in the future. Both the way that God has made me and my experiences have led me to develop this kind of thing. The immediate need is to teach it to our interns, but I believe I’ll teach it to others in the future as well.

Would you pray God’s provision, protection, and purpose over this project? And while you’re at it, I’m speaking at a new church this weekend in an effort to connect and raise support. Pray for that, too!