“Tell me about Jesus.” Is it really this easy?

Two days ago, Blake was sitting on my couch and comes out with this request. I had met him the night before at an English Corner and had immediately sensed he was open and contemplative. I had invited him over to chat the next day, and before long the topic of beliefs came up. I listened to him talk about Confucius and Buddhism for a while and then told him I believe in Jesus. Then Blake asked me to tell him about it.

Sometimes it still shocks me when God seems to choose them for me and open the door wide open. I shared about the Gospel, and then we chatted about the Bible. Blake seemed more curious then seeking at this point, but I believe God has chosen him for Himself. Would you pray for him with me?

Well, we’ve been in Asia for three weeks! We’ve found apartments (nice ones) and settled into our new homes. Last week my team and I huddled up and spent time seeking God for direction on how to reach the island and its ten colleges. I feel strongly that we need to focus more on one or two schools this year, but not sure which one. Would you pray for direction as well?

One more thing is on my heart for my team. Now that we’ve settled down, the things we schedule and the things we chose to do in the next two weeks will set the course for the rest of the year. Would you ask God to guide us in this scheduling process?

Thanks for being part of the Kingdom coming to Asia. I really appreciate it!