Harry and I were sitting in my living room drinking tea and sort of watching a video about God’s people in Asia. Then he began to talk about how he is really attracted to the message that we bring. He sees that belief makes a difference and wants what we have.

The problem is that maybe the thing we believe in isn’t real. Maybe it’s the belief that helps people, not the object of the belief. He talked about how he’s asked God to show Himself to him but nothing has happened. He was sharing from his heart the problems in his mind.

The truth is I understand his questions; I’ve had them too. My journey hasn’t been one of only flowers and dances; I’ve had times of hanging between belief and doubt and wondering if I would make it to the end. But through the years I’ve become more and more sure of the foundation I decided long ago to make my stand on. I’ve come to know that Light touches darkness and the Healer makes that which was broken whole.

And so I talked from my heart and from my head. That evening I said goodbye to Harry knowing that we had connected and understood each other better. And now, would you join me in asking the Revealer to stoop down and help my friend find life?