I sat on the semi-hard hotel bed listening to Lauren Daigle’s “Once and for All” on repeat as I looked at the clock nearing midnight. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I decided to finally give up. I couldn’t start another year the same.

The past two years have been difficult ones for me. I walked through a trying situation that shook me more than I was ever aware at the time, and soon I was thinking things I had never thought before, questioning God like I never imagined and finding myself dry, tired and frustrated. The emptiness I felt resulted in frustration towards God that has made it very difficult to want to turn to Him for strength.

I finally came to my breaking point. I don’t pretend to be perfectly whole or to understand it all, but I sat there on New Year’s Eve and chose to stop trying to walking alone.

It was an incredible start to a few day personal retreat in a nearby town to kick off the new year. I am so optimistic for all that God wants to do in 2016!

I want to thank you for praying for me! They truly have carried me. Please, don’t stop. Already, returning from my retreat, I’ve been hit with several discouragements. But I truly believe that God is up to something special, and now is the time to push through more than ever.