I slipped on my flip flops and walked in the warm Florida sun over to the condo where my family was waiting to eat cinnamon rolls and open presents. A few hours later, as I watched my nephews play with their new train set, I thought all the presents had been exchanged. But there was still one more — a special one just for me.

It didn’t come wrapped in a pretty bow or in a fancy box. It was a simple text message from a friend with a picture of my recently approved visa. “120!!” it said.

I was thrilled! I wasn’t sure if my special request for 120-day stays instead of 90 would be granted since I wasn’t able to apply in person after a winter storm canceled my trip to NYC. But then I looked at the expiration date…”16DEC2024″… “Wait, that’s 10 years,” I thought. “But I only applied for a 1-year visa.”

This means that I can visit Asia as many times as I want over the next 10 years and stay for up to 4 months at a time! This visa is unheard of; the longest normal approved stay for the new 10 year visas is only 60 days…I got double that! I got the best visa imaginable, I didn’t even ask for it! This is the best gift I could have received this Christmas!

I am so excited and grateful! Thank you so much for praying for favor as I applied for my visa. My flights may have been canceled, but God knew what needed to happen. I truly believe this incredible visa is the result of your prayers. Thank you!