They are almost ready! The team of world-changers from Mexico are almost here. Over the past month, thousands of dollars have been raised, visas have been approved, and they almost have all that they need to purchase their plane tickets and board the plane to Asia.

This summer, some changes have happened among the leadership team in our city. With various team members on sabbatical and beginning to transition out of language study on top of a team of first year workers arriving, some adjustments needed to be made. As a result of these changes, I am now what we call the “city leader” for The Du. This means I will be leading the charge to oversee ministry, team health, team unity, and leadership development in the city. The best part is, I’m not alone! I am thrilled with the leadership team that has been set up and truly believe this year is going to be the best yet for our city. We all feel such a peace about the new roles that everyone has and believe it is God ordained for this season.

Please be lifting me and our leadership team (Leeroy and Enoch) up as we are stepping into new roles and responsibilities. These next few weeks are going to include a lot of prayer, strategizing and planning and we need His wisdom. The new semester starts September 12, and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!