That was the theme of this year’s annual retreat while we were in Malaysia this month. It was an interesting choice of themes, for me personally, because it’s something I have felt is a significant part of the Lord’s call on my life — to use the gifts He has given me to pioneer a way for His children to, equipped and empowered, confidently and passionately walk in their God-given destiny.

It’s been so incredible this year to see how God has majestically woven the pieces together to see 7 young people from Mexico serving alongside me here. Literally, the last 10 years of my life, since I first went to Morelia, the pieces have been falling into place. I truly believe that, like He has this past year with the team we have from Mexico, God wants to use me (the gifts He’s given me, my unique relationships and my passions) to be a forerunner, a pioneer for CT.

As my role has shifted this past year to leading the team in our city, I’ve stepped back from some of the pioneering projects I was involved in due to limited time — specifically recruiting internationally and designing promotional and discipleship material. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been strongly feeling that the Lord is leading me into an even greater season of pioneering new territory — that He would use me  to open door for more workers from all over the world to come to Asia and that I would play a part in equipping the foundation of the native church here.

So, I’m excited to announce that in September I will be setting out on an (at least) one-year pioneering expedition to Atlanta, Georgia!

So what does this mean?

– I’ll be pioneering new ground in Stateside Recruiting. Because CT is based in the Northeast, that’s where the majority of our contacts and networks are. I am looking forward to the opportunity to make new connections in the South that will open doors for more workers to get to the harvest.

– I’ll be able to pick up International Recruiting again in a significant way. This year, I got to work first hand with workers from Malaysia and Mexico on our team. Let me tell you, they were each incredible! We really believe that God is doing something special in Mexico and that He wants to continue to raise up workers from there. A big part of this next year for me will be recruiting, training and preparing a new team from Mexico to come in fall 2018.

– Last year, I also had the incredible privilege to design the discipleship workbook that we walk through with all of our Asian d¡disciples and new believers, as well as some other equipping tools for those being sent out to plant churches. While in Atlanta, I’ll have more time to work on special graphic design projects like these that are helping to move the mission forward and equip the church in Asia.

– I will continue to be involved with the team in The Du. I’ll continue to connect regularly with the team and Enoch, my teammate that leads the church in our city. I’m really excited to stay connected with all that God is doing here!

The past 3 years in Asia have made such a profound impact on me and I have seen God do so much to grow the church here! I cannot wait for all He is going to do in this coming season and all the ways He is going to exceed my expectations.